The Universal 3D Food Printing System Bocusini® Pro 2.0

In order to guarantee first-class results, food products and food printers have to be designed for one another. For this reason, Print2Taste delivers the entire package. This includes the Bocusini® Pro 2.0 with an intuitive browser-based interface, a vast portfolio of printable foods, and the world’s first ever fully integrated 3D food printing web platform.

The Result:

A universal Plug & Play solution for a wide array of applications in professional kitchen, catering, and bakeries.


 The first market-ready 3D food product is marzipan in various forms.



We are working to expand our portfolio of printable foods.  This includes: icings for lettering on cakes, fruit purees (for example for creating abstract borders from fruit glaze), liver pates, mashed potatoes, chocolate glazes and doughs.



The development always revolves around all-natural foods


Our team has years of experience with the sensory and physiological characteristics of food. We use our expert knowledge for the fabrication of all-natural foods.



Over the years we have shaped 30 different foods from various categories. In doing this, we have proven that foods from the most important food groups can be printed with high quality and precision:



Sweets such as fondant and caramel
Baked goods such as pastry dough and meringue
Milk products such as cream cheese and butter
Fruit and vegetable products such as mashed potatoes or a variety of fruit purees
Hearty snacks
Cold meats such as liver pate or teewurst