Our food portfolio


Consistently optimal characteristics are essential for first-class results.  


Bocusini® refills fill these requirements in the best way possible.


Bocusini® - Marzipan


  • In 4 natural colors: natural, green, yellow, red.
  • The challenge: high fluidity for delicate layer formation while maintaining stability.


Profit from 14 months of development work.


Bocusini® - Choco


  • Allows for delicate wall structures.
  • Enables complex forms, i.e. with indentations.
  • With a subtle hint of vanilla.
  • The challenge: the optimal melting of individual layers during the modeling process.


Discover a creative new world in Choco.




  • Send your order for Bocusini® Marzipan- and Choco-Refills via e-mail to office@print2taste.de .
  • Prices of Bocusini® Refills can be found here.

We are continually expanding our portfolio of printable foods:

Soon-to-come foods: cassis and nougat cream.


Natural foods are always the focal point of development.


Our team has years of experience with the sensory and physiological characteristics of food. We use our expert knowledge for the development of all-natural foods.



More than 30 Food Products

Over the years we have shaped 30 different foods from various categories. In doing this, we have proven that foods from the most important food groups can be printed with high quality and precision: including sweets, milk products, pasta and dough.