Our company

Print2Taste displays a mastery of the entire food-printing process: from the development and production to the balancing of printing parameters for optimal results.


Who are we?


We are a spin-off company of the University of Weihenstephan-Triesdorf and established ourselves as Print2Taste GmbH in Freising/Germany in August of 2014.


Our core competences

The challenges for successful 3D food printing lies in the mastery of the food product – which is also the core competence of Print2Taste.


What do we offer?

A complete Plug-and-Play system consisting of a printer with an intuitive browser-based user interface, a vast portfolio of printable foods and the world’s first ever fully integrated 3D food printing web platform.

Our target audience:

The professional kitchen, for example in gastronomy, catering, confectionary & baking....

Our vision

Creating foods based on natural ingredients tailored to the nutritional requirements of each individual.


Our know-how

Through our long-time know-how in the application and processing of food, we achieve optimal printing results, the highest quality, and the best taste:

  • Food is our passion!

  • The Print2Taste team comes from leading industrial and academic research institutes in the area of food research.

  • For over 20 years, we have dedicated ourselves to the physiologically and technologically relevant natural food additives and research their biotechnological adaption, production, and integration into innovative food applications. In doing this we have generated a number of successful product innovations.
  • Our employees had key roles in many EU-wide research projects and are considered to be experts in 3D food-printing.
  • Print2Taste is continuing to build connections to leading universities focused on food technology.