We turn natural products into printable food


Print2Taste masters the entire process of food printing, starting with food preparation, over the production of printable food pastes, to the printing process itself.

For our customers, we develop tailor-made printed food solutions in various food application areas, such as

• Individual Food Designs

• Innovative Cuisine and High-End Catering

• Therapy supporting Nutrition for Clinics, Nursing Homes and Elderly Care

Based on our longtime competency in the treatment and preparation of food, we achieve optimal printing results, highest food quality and best taste.

Our Core Competencies comprise:

  • Development of innovative food ingredients (texturisers, nutrients, health ingredients) and food structures
  • Micro-structuring and functional layers of food to improve bioavailability, taste and sensory perception
  • Application development including formulation, material composition, food design and compliance
  • Development of industrial processes and technologies

  • Turn-key solutions